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Friday, November 11, 2011

Sally's new S-Cargo

We were very pleased to help Sally become the proud owner of a S-Cargo which Martin had for sale. Sally sent in the pic below with the message "Just to show you Brian with his new sign-writing!"

Looks great!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Four Figaros and a Wedding

Mike (from Leicester) has sent in this report on a most unusual Figaro Meet. (with permission from Clare)
Back in July, Figgy-owning Clare decided she didn’t want a horse & trap, nor a Rolls Royce for her big day. Instead, she wanted to see if her Lapis Grey could find some friends to share in the fun & help take Bridesmaids and VIP’s to their Guildhall Wedding in Leicester. A call was put out to David (Mr Fig08), and thanks to the wonders of the Figaro Register, another Lapis & two Emerald Greens were rapidly volunteered by their owners, Pam, Shelley & Mike, for a most unusual Figaro Meet !
Some extensive and thorough emails followed to sort out the logistics….never mind the table layouts or how to prevent the Groom from being naked and 200 miles away, hard questions were being asked…..should the drivers wear fascinators or not (Mike decided no, but did briefly consider a Captains hat in lieu of the traditional chauffeurs cap), would the minor detail of some gearbox mountings and an MOT before the day cause any grief, how would we keep the convoy together en route…..but no, The Professionals were on the case.
No pressure, but less than 24 hours before, Clare realised she might want a spare driver for her Figgy on account of her being driven, but Mike knew just the person, and his pal Martin agreed to drop family appointments for the afternoon and join in the fun!
The next morning, Pam arrived first at Mike’s house to start on the ribbons to pretty the already beautiful vehicles for their Big Moments…….a minor disaster when it appeared we were a little short on the lovely green ribbon, but a rapid decision and kindly local florist meant there was no need to worry. Shelley arrived and pretty soon we had a convoy of 3 heading across to Kirby Muxloe.
Bang on time, the trio-of-Figs arrived at Clare’s house, where the pre-wedding party appeared to be warming up nicely. A quick flannel and Clare’s Fig was ready for Martin to take the wheel. A tractor arrived to ferry the other guests to where the Big Red Double Decker was parked, and the Four Figs made their way up behind, with neighbours all waving at the spectacular convoy.
With the guests safely on the Routemaster, the Figs followed behind, drawing much attention and smiles all the way into town. On cue, the barriers to the High Street were lowered by Traffic Control to let the little Fig’s pass round the block just in time for Clare to head in to the more important duties of the day.
The Figs all went off to the White Horse for a pat on the roof and light refreshment, before heading their separate ways home, happy in the knowledge of a job well done !

Fig10 Charity

This is the pic that appeared in the local press with the headline "Figaro Fans Drive Up Funds". It show MrFig08 (David) local Warwick owner Charlotte with her Figaro and Christine the Macgregor Childrens Ward Sister who is about to receive a cheque from us for £700. With an additional £200 from the Sporting Bears Motor Club the Hospital were able to purchase a new chair bed for use by parents wishing to stay overnight with their children. NHS Press Release

We have since received a letter from the Hospital thanking all the Figaro Owners who helped raise this amount. Well done.

Fig10 Show Report in National Car Magazines

There is a Fig10 Show report in the current September/October issue of Total Nissan which is now available at WH Smith. This was a nice surprise as we sent the report in just after the show but to late for their previous issue. The show was also covered in the August Issue of Classic & Sports Car which was a great scoop as they covered the Figaro Launch but nothing else until now.
We also had a whole page in the September magazine of the Sporting Bears Motor Club. The SBMC use their Classic and Sports cars to raise money for Children's Charities and we are members.

Pink Car Rally 2010

When Vanessa Chapman from the Pink Car Rally asked us to contact all our Pink Figaro Register Members we were only to pleased to help with this worthwhile cause.
Sunday 5th September 2010 saw the third annual Pink Car Rally take place, in aid of The Little Princess Trust. 38 Pink Cars attended including a Figaro. If you have a pink Figaro, please consider entering next year.The Little Princess Trust sources and pays for 'real hair' wigs for children who have lost their hair, primarily through cancer treatment. To find out more about the Pink Car Rally, take a look at

Monday, July 05, 2010

Fig10 Show report in Classic and Sports Car Mag

We are very excited to report that Classic and Sports Car Magazine have published a small report we sent them in the August issue - out now. It takes up most of the bottom half of page 20 and includes a large picture of the show arena and a small picture of the afternoon car run. C&SC is one of the most popular and respected Classic Car Mags worldwide and we feel this is quite an achievement to get the Figaro mentioned. It has taken quite a lot of effort but we were motivated by the fact that they did a really good write up on the Figaro when it was launched and we felt it was overdue for another mention. In their July 1991 issue they posed the question 'A piece of harmless amusement or a deceitful ostentatious fake? When it comes down to it the Figaro is a bit of both.'

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Eric Clapton's Figaro Sold again on Ebay

Thanks to Martin (Swindon) for mentioning this to us.
41bids finally selling for £15k on 23rd June.
Martin believes Eric had to pay £35k to get this car in 1993. According to the eBay description it changed hands in 1996 for £20k

Pink Car Rally 2010

We are pleased to help with this charity and have contacted all the Pink Figs on the Figaro Register. David & Laura
Sunday 5th September 2010 sees the third annual Pink Car Rally take place, in aid of The Little Princess Trust. If you have a pink Figaro, please consider coming and joining us for this amazing charity day out.The Little Princess Trust sources and pays for 'real hair' wigs for children who have lost their hair, primarily through cancer treatment.
The 2010 Pink Car Rally will run on Sunday 5th September, from Hereford Hospital to Oxford Children's Hospital starting at 10am. Please help us to support this amazing charity - In order to make the 2010 rally even more amazing, we need to find more pink cars! To find out more about the Pink Car Rally, take a look at

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ladies Day at The Ace Cafe Sunday 15th August

Sue has asked us to post this message. If you want to meet up with Sue on the day we will pass on a message for you.

I've just posted a thread on the Autosupply forum which Nic suggested I tell you about for advertising on the website. The Ace Cafe on the North Circular has all sorts of events throughout the year but there's one that may appeal to Fig drivers. It's called Ladies Day - "bring what da run" and it's all day on Sunday 15th August. link to the event: I'm hoping to take my Fig there and it would be great to see a few more....
Cheers and thanks again for last Sunday(Fig10) Sue

Friday, May 07, 2010

Have you got your car plaque?

Print off a car plaque to display in your car at Fig10 here: (we will have some availble on the day but not enough for everyone).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Around Scotland in a Figaro

Will is continuing his Scottish Trip in August and invites people to join him. To read all about it go to this Forum link and then onwards to his site

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mail Failures - Are you receiving our updates?

Hi, just sent out an update to all people attending Fig10. Got the following back as unable to deliver.
Nicola - Woking
Donna - Rainham


Fig10 New Roof Prize/Fitting demonstration

Do you need a new roof? Jason will be repeating the very popular free roof fitting prize again at Fig10. Enter on the day - £1 donation to our charity.
We will draw the winner for this great prize at lunch time then Jason will fit a new roof to the winners car completely from scratch. So if you are thinking of buying a kit and doing it yourself watch it being done.
We have contacted the previous winners Maria & Dave (pictured) who said their roof looks as good as it did the day it was fitted.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Fig10 Figaro Fun Car Tour

We have got the go-ahead for a 30 mile Car Tour around Gaydon taking in old Warwickshire Villages, Towers/Windmills and great views following part of the Edghill WCC Shakespeare Country Leisure Drive Routes. We also guarantee you will pass Figaros on route. The run will start at approx 14:00 and you should be back within one hour unless you are tempted to stop to explore. We have been asked to limit the numbers of cars so please book a place when you arrive. Easy to follow route instructions will be provided.

S-Cargo for sale

One of our earliest members has just bought a Topaz Mist Figaro and is therefore selling his S-Cargo. See below.

1991 Nissan S Cargo, 136 000km, full service and import history. Full stainless exhaust, recent undersealing and rust treatment. Alloy wheels, good tyres. Rarer porthole version with rear folding seat and 5 year old acrylic canvas roof. New radiator, recent cam belt change, new head gasket, water pump and front shock absorbers. Taxed and MOT.
CD autochanger, though the head unit amp is not working.
Very clean and well looked after example.
Ideal advertising vehicle.
Needs a good home for someone with soul and a taste for the unusual.
Martin Ripley 01793 791593 07969 773659

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sands Photography at Fig10

Eddie of Sands Photography will be covering the event and on the day you can purchase a 7x5 Colour Print of your pride and joy on gallery paper in a slip folder for £8. There are other mount options available. We arranged for a local owner, Rosemary from Banbury, to visit the Heritage Centre where Fig10 will be held for a "photoshoot" in order for Eddie to have a Figaro sample for his stand. Here is one of the pics he took complete with pink furry dice. Thanks Rosemary.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pre Fig10 Saturday Night Meet-up Stratford Upon Avon

Fig10 -Sunday 16th May - 7 weeks to go!!
Fancy meeting up the night before in Stratford-Upon-Avon? Then read on and book now.
For those of you staying overnight before Fig10, we invite you to come along and meet up at the Ripple Cafe in Stratford Upon Avon. As locals we can recommend the Ripple's serve yourself Oriental Buffet at £15.95 a head. Ripple website with directions
Great position on the banks of the Avon opposite the almost finished re-built Shakespeare Theatre.
Plenty of parking around the Ripple Cafe at the Recreational Ground. £3 charge after 18:00 which can be redeemed from the Ripple if you have a meal there. We will try and park all the Figaros and other Pike cars together.
You do not have to eat there. Park and meet up between 18:00 & 19:00, have a drink in the Ripple Bar then walk into the town.
For those eating there at please book asap for 19:00. (you will be out by 21:00 when there is a second sitting) Please ring the Ripple on 01789 292121 and make a reservation in your name for the 15th May mentioning you are with the "Figaro Club". We have arranged this with the Ripple's Patrick.
Please let us know as well if you have booked so we can look out for you and arrange that we sit together.
9 miles from Warwick, 12 miles from Warwick M40 services, 15 miles from Fig10.
Sounds great - hope you can make it - we have almost 200 cars booked for Fig10 with 7 weeks to go.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Figaro Birthday Cake

This was a great surprise for my birthday. AND it tasted good. Unfortunately it did not last long though with 5 adults and 3 hungry children around. Made by an old school friend of Laura to order.

Jonnie Boden Figaro will be at Fig10

Owner Jenny from Liverpool is planning on attending Fig10 in her Boden Fig. I have been trying to track it down since it was given away as a prize by Boden in 2008. The Boden company started in 1991. Thanks to Kevin of the Figaro Owners Club for passing on a message to Jenny. The image above if from the original flyer promoting the competition.

Friday, March 12, 2010

FIG10 POSTER available at the event 16th May

We will have a limited number of our original design Fig10 posters for sale at Fig10 and hopefully postcards as well.
It is also available from our site as a download flyer. Please use the flyer to tell other Fig owners about the event. Any new owners joining the Register and attending Fig10 as a result of a Flyer will win the person placing the flyer a poster. (you will need to put your register number on the back of the flyer)
See you at Fig10 David & Laura

Friday, March 05, 2010

Figaro Register hits 600 Figaros after 2 years 4 months

Yes we started registering owners for the Fig08 event in November 2007 which then became The Figaro Register which now has 626 members. This is made up of 601 Figs, 14 PAOs, 2 Be-1s, 7 and S-Cargos. 2 non Pike members a Nissan based Viewt and a Nissan Rasheen.

UK owners 592 and International 34.

Colours in order of popularity are Lapis Grey 187, Emerald Green 146, Pale Aqua 117, Topaz Mist 59, Pink 21 and other colours 71.

Highest Region Density is the South East which includes London (52) with 166 Owners. Second is West Mids with 91. Highest Area/County Warwickshire with 26 owners and next Essex and Kent with 24 each.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Left Hand Drive Figaro spotted on German Ebay

Thanks to Ingo in Cologne for sending in this. Starting price 1 Euro but ended without selling on eBay. This is the eBay link

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nissan Viewt - The Other Pike Car - a Jag?

We published a news item in Jan 2009 about one of our members cars - a Viewt. Members Martin & Sue have found this old Top Gear review of the car on youtube. Best to fastforward over the fist 5 mins.

Dutch Figaro Register and event in 2010

We have been asked by two of our Dutch members, Jonnie & Meike, to forward the message below to the other 5 members in the Netherlands or close by. They are planning a Figaro Gathering in 2010. They have their own pages on Hyves:
Beste Figaro-rijder, Wij, Meike Ploeg en Jan Oldenkamp, beiden ook in het bezit van een Figaro, zijn erg benieuwd wie er in Nederland (België) nog meer in een Figaro rijden. Meike heeft inmiddels een Figaro Hyves aangemaakt. (zie onderstaande link). Ook lijkt het ons leuk om een Figaro meeting in Nederland te organiseren.Locatie: Centraal in Nederland (Rondom Utrecht)Datum: Nader te bepalen. Afhankelijk van de reacties gaan we voorlopig uit van ergens na de zomervakantie (eind augustus/begin september)Programma: Kennismaken, ervaringen uitwisselen, stukje rijden met Figaro’s Als het jou ook leuk lijkt om met andere Figaro rijders in contact te komen, reageer dan via de mail of via Hyves. We hebben jullie bereikt via het Figaro-register van David Shaw. Kennen jullie nog meer Figaro rijders? Stuur dit bericht dan door. Mailadressen:Meike meike-ploeg@hotmail.comJan

Friday, January 08, 2010

Mrs J Ross's Figaro Star of Press Statement Video Clip

Mrs Ross, Jane Goldman, has her snow covered Emerald Green Figaro well placed to appear in most of this 53 sec video clip of her husband serving up mugs of tea to the press pack.

Figaros in the Snow

We bet you all have a good pic of your Figaro in the snow? Here is Laura's. Please send yours in to and we will add it to this news item.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Rustproofing Advice and North Recommendation

New Figaro Register member Gary writes:- In February I'm taking my Figaro which my sister is having when I get my new one from Japan in late January to have them both waxoyled by JR Classics.
I have negotiated a 10% Discount for the 'club members' if they take their Fig to JRC. Joe from JRC shows the prices for imported cars on the site. Tell members it is a must to have their Figs done because they are not generally treated properly in Japan to live over here. Joe says "I'm happy to do this because as a general rule - people who are active members of owners clubs take a lot of pride in their cars meaning they are usually in pretty good condition and hopefully therefore, in a nice state to work on."
Additional info from MrFig08 -JRC is close to Doncaster and the price according to the website would be £255 -10%. I have checked this by phone with Joe who sounds very helpful.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Green Figaro BBC News site today in Wandsworth

Just spotted by MrsFig08 on the BBC News Site "Snowfall delays Christmas getaway" a picture of a green Fig taken in snowy traffic in Wandsworth. Number possibly ends in MLJ.

Happy Figmas from the Figaro Register

We have sent this pic, featuring Laura collecting her Xmas tree, out by email as a DIY Xmas card to all Figaro Register members. We hope you like it. Have a great Figmas and see you in May at Fig10. David & Laura

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Great Prizes at Fig10 16th May 2010

Jason from will be repeating the very popular free roof fitting prize again. Enter on arrival at Fig10 for the draw at 12:00. This gives time for it to be fitted. Pic shows Fig08 winner after fitting of this great prize.

Clarion Services Donated raffle prize: one full refurbishment of a Figaro Stereo/CD Player. This prize is worth up to £350.00!

Find out your Figaro's Birthday Fig10 Competition

Celebrate your Figaro's Birthday - Find out the date your Figaro was built! We are offering this service to owners who have Registered for Fig10 where we are having a competition to find the oldest and youngest Figaro and perhaps find a Figaro with a birthday on the Day! Register for Fig10 to find out more. So far we have had 24 owners enter and the oldest Figaro so far was built on 20th February 1991.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Over 100 cars registered to attend Fig10 so far!

106 To be exact. Register to attend here or read more about the event here.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Figaro Print on Tea Towel

I hesitate to use the words tea-towel to describe this lovely Fabric Figaro Print especially commissioned by Julia of Figgy Pudding for Fig08 last year. I chanced to discover she still has a few left when discussing Fig10 with her. You could use it as a poster or cover a cushion with it to go in your Fig. 100% Cotton. Made in the UK. Aqua and Green available at the reduced price of £7.50 which includes p&p and a £1 donation towards this years Children in Need. To order one contact Julia by email You can pay by paypal using this email address but contact her first.
Size 76cm x 48cm

Friday, October 30, 2009

Knockhill Streetcar Scotland Show UPDATE

The latest Total Nissan is out (issue 10) and Register member Isobel from Glenrothes gets a mention and her Figaro is on two pictures featuring all the Nissan Import models catered for by the mag. One shows the Fig on the circuit keeping up with her big brothers! The Register gets a mention as well but as usual they get our name wrong. This time it is the Fig 08 Club! Interesting - quite like it. There is a prize to be awarded for the best car. A trip to Poland for the Maciej Polody Drift Academy. What's that then?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Insurance - Classic Agreed Value - Quote your Register Number

Laura has just switched to an Agreed Value Classic Car policy (to see why read our news story "Insurance stories" in May) with Classic Line Insurance following a recommendation from a Figaro Owner. We were quite pleased with the price. This prompted me to contact my Classic Cars Insurance company - Peter Best Insurance Services - and they too have Figaros with agreed values on their books all with limited mileage polices typically below 3000 miles. Check your MOTs to see how many miles you have done per year. Hopefully 3000 is enough for local use and a run to Fig10 in May 2010!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

S-Cargo Radiator Replacement

Thanks to Martin for this info:-
Apparently, the S-Cargo radiator is unique and cannot be easily changed for other than an original part. Mine started leaking and despite dosings of 'Bar Leaks' or whatever had obviously given up the ghost, spltting along the top (plastic) seam..

Enquiries through Nissan and other specialist Pike traders revealed that a new radiator would be £700 or so! One company suggested having one made, so I trawled through the local Yellow pages and found a company that would make one for me.

I took the old one out: pretty easy for an engineering type and delivered it to a chap who in turn took it to the company where he works. One day later, he'd fitted a new core (the middle bit with all the holes), re-used the lower manifold and furnished a complete new soldered brass top. The radiator came back cleaned and sprayed ready for re-fitting. £150 including VAT. Quite a price but a big saving over the original and the chap reckoned his was a better radiator with improved cooling properties.

I fitted it yesterday and it all looks good.

Contact me through David if you have the same problem.

Martin Ripley S-Cargo 'B azil' G21 BGS Swindon

International Figaros - Cologne

Here is Ingo's Figaro Story from Cologne:-

The very first time I saw a Figaro in front of the house of my parents in Cologne around two years ago. I just loved the unique design and checked immediately the net and found the history of the car. Looking further on ebay I found some Figaros and contacted the owners in Germany who told me about the fun and great reliability of the car. The reliability of the young but looking old Figaro is also a strong argument for me not to buy a "real old classic car" where a successful drive to the destination is more a lottery. Then I decided to buy an Emerald Green one just two month ago with the production number 721. My Figaro was never registered in Cologne and came from England. The seller told me he already imported some Figaros (and other cars) from Japan and the UK.The reaction of people on the street is better that driving a Porsche, Ferrari or other "boring cars". Nearly everybody is smiling when seeing my car on the road and when going to the gas station people ask me questions ;-) about it.On my very first ride in Cologne a rare Duisenberg was standing beside me and the driver and his wife said "Guten Morgen" to me and of course my car!! Maybe also my chosen number plate even confuses the crowd a bit more: K-OI-58 - KOI (like the Japanese fish) and 58 for the possible production year 1958. My first plan to register it as K-GB-1958 was not working due to the size of the plate. I would say the Figaro has the most similarity with the German Prinz NSU from 1958 but most of the Germans think the Figaro is a British Car with the steering wheel on the right side.My neighbours noticed my new old car in our car park and wanted to know everything about... it's seems that they will also buy one very soon and selling their old boring Mercedes 300!!! I was always a car enthusiast and I always prefer cars not everybody drives. I even worked for MG-Rover Germany as volume planer and head of marketing until the sorrowful end of MG-Rover. My other car is currently just a Fiat Stilo which is also not often seen in Germany. During my MG-Rover time I had nearly every 6 weeks another great car: MG-F, MG-TF and also introduced the MG-ZR, ZS and ZT models into the German market. I just bought one of you stickers on ebay ... Maybe I even get the chance from my work to drive to Warwickshire next to Longbridge in 2010... also to see a friend from MG-Rover who will start at the beginning of next year working for the headquarter of Land Rover in Gaydon.Today I will fly to London to visit another ex-colleague of MG-Rover and to watch Figaros driving on the "right side".With the very best regards from the Carnival town no.1Ingo

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

We are now on Twitter!

If you use Twitter and want to follow Fig10 and other Figaro related news via Twitter please follow us here: Most tweets will come from our news blog so don't worry if you don't use Twitter you can still keep up with news via our webiste.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Not getting our Regular emails??

The emails for the Register Members below are coming back as mail failures. We have no other way of getting intouch with them. Can anyone help? Does anyone know these owners?

43 Caroline Figaro Pale Aqua Oxford
50 Melanie Figaro Lapis Grey Stourbridge
109 Jane Figaro Lapis Grey Shifnal
143 Susan & Aidan Figaro Emerald Green Birmingham
178 Joanna Figaro Emerald Green Shepherds Bush
196 Diane Figaro Topaz Mist Dartford
199 Robert Figaro Topaz Mist London
204 Victoria Figaro Lapis Grey Isleworth
223 Ann Figaro Pale Aqua Telford
264 Faisal Figaro Pearlscent Purple Wembley
272 Nick Figaro Pink Shipston on Stour
278 Clive Figaro Emerald Green Birmingham
360 Kjetil Figaro Emerald Green Stavanger
369 Geoff S-Cargo White Northallerton

We also have a few members not "on-line" which we know about apart from the 2 below for whom we have no contact details
275 Dave Figaro Baby Blue Bristol
316 Kerry-Ann Figaro Jet Black Reading

Thursday, August 13, 2009

South West (small) meet 6th September The Salthouse Clevedon

To all Figaro Owners Register Members in the South West.
Here is an figgy invite we are passing on from Misty Meg who would like to meet up with you in September

A small meet is planned for the first Sunday in September (6th) for a chat, lunch and general nose around each others cars. Plan to arrive 12 for lunch at 1. The Salthouse Clevedon - has a car park plus pay and display next door, easy to find on Clevedon sea front and a large area for children should they be brought. Their number (should others get lost as easily as me ) - 01275 34 33 03. Jenny / Misty Meg

Forum Topic link on this meet to send Misty Meg a message (or we can pass one on)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Owners Register Windscreen Sticker - latest feedback

This is a sample of the latest feedback on eBay regarding the stickers. We still have some left! You do not have to purchase via eBay - just email us for alternative method using stamps.

- Great sticker guys for our little figgy. Thanks for a great day @ fig 08
- Sent quickly, looks fab in car window! Love the card that came with it. Thanx
- Great seller. Many thanks. Looks great on my emerald green!
- great thanks, arrived quickly ,now my tax disc wont keep falling off !!!!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Knockhill Racing Circuit Streetcar Scotland Show.

The Register have been invited to Streetcar Scotland by Total Car Magazines. We have emailed our Scottish and most Northern members with the info. See below.

You may be aware that the Register has a good working relationship with Total Car Magazines. (They did a big feature on Fig08 in Total Nissan.)
Please see the message below regarding Streetcar Scotland, on 23rd August at Knockhill, and photo-shoot.
I cannot attend but I could co-ordinate the entry using the attached form. Each individual could send their entry fee direct to the organisers? £8 per person - refundable if you are used in the shoot. I'll have to check this out with the organisers - if there is interest from our members.
Please let me know if you want to attend as a "club". Sounds great. Perhaps not the Figaro scene - superfast Japanese Cars and other early Japanese "classics" - but an opportunity to meet other Figaros and show off our cars AND with luck get your picture in the Mag.

Lesley Steel from Total Car Magazines here, publishers of Total Evolution, Total Impreza and Total Nissan. I am hoping you can put a message on the forum or perhaps email your members.
You may know that we are working closely with Knockhill Racing Circuit in Scotland on a show being held on 23rd August – Streetcar Scotland.
The shows brings a large Jap influence and as the show is now being produced in association with our magazines we want very much to increase this.
I would be grateful if you would consider attending the show and having a club presence – over and above all the events planned for the show, we have the following planned……
We have the track for one hour to get one model of every Nissan, Evolution and Impreza on the track to perform 3 separate photoshoots for the magazine.
We are looking for the best of every model to be put forward for this and to attend on the day for the shoot (and of course the rest of the show).
We have a dedicated paddock & parking area for anyone taking part in the photoshoot.
Anyone taking part in the shoot will have their entry fee refunded on the day.
This shoot will appear in the magazines with a major feature.
The best Evo, Nissan and Impreza on the day (as judged by Knockhill) will win a front cover photo shoot in the respective magazine!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Nissan Figaro Emergency Flares

As in flares and not trousers or wheel arches.
I don't know if the other Pile cars have them (or the Skyline for that matter), but my S-Cargo has a flare tucked under the left hand dashboard.
I've had this translated, which whilst not perferct English, is better than my Japanese. Hopefully it will bring some insight and amusement to others.
EMERGENCY FLAME TUBE FOR MOTOR (burns for 5 minutes)
Manufactured: 2002.4
Usable until: 2006.3

How to use:
Squeeze and pull out the main unit. Turn it round and insert in the bracket (outer tube)
Rub with material on the head of the cap
(Modes of use):
a) Hold and wave it
b) Lay it on the ground
c) Put it upright on the ground

Use it at level crossing or motorway as emergency signal
Keep children away
Don’t use it near fuel or inflammables
Don’t point it at the face or body when the flame is burning
Please keep it in the bracket
Please replace once it is expired

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Figaro Buyers Guide

In December 08 the Figaro Owners Register was asked by the Deputy Editor of Classic Car Weekly to find a Figaro Owner close to Peterborough who would allow their Figaro to be used in a photo-shoot for the forthcoming Figaro Buyers Guide. We contacted "Amber - Peterborough" who jumped at the chance and was very pleased with the results as seen in a January issue. We have now been given permission to show the article on our site. Thanks Ian.

Access the Figaro Buyers Guide here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Register Car Self Cling Vinyl Window Stickers

Owners Register car window stickers are still available. They are the same as the picture top left on the home page. You can buy one for £2.50 + 50p p&p at eBay via link below:-
Nissan Figaro Owners Register window sticker/tax disc
We have chosen the eBay route because it simplifies payment and may create more interest. They are self-cling vinyl and can be used as tax disc holders. We are hoping people will put them on their cars to attract new members and more waves! As always any profit will go to charity.
As an alternative we will accept stamps as payment (6 x first class) if sent with a return stamped addressed envelope. Please email for address.

These are some of the eBay feedback (running at 100% positve) comments from members who have bought them already:-
§ perfect transaction, thank you! fig will be delighted
§ Fab thank you - looks great!
§ Even though this appears to be a scan of some sort, I still like it. Thanks
§ Fab thank you - looks great!
§ Top Ebayer quick shipping!!! Great sticker!!!
§ great product, quicky delivery...thanks very much
§ great thanks, arrived quickly ,now my tax disc wont keep falling off !!!!!!
§ Great seller. Many thanks. Looks great on my emerald green!
§ Excellent and thank you SO much for the brilliant card it came in! Figtastic!!!

Insurance Stories - Body Work Repairs - "oh yes" - write off ?

Unfortunately Laura's Fig received damage to the rear wing and rear bumpers. She was able to carry on using the car and reported it to her insurers who asked her to take it to the Repair Shop they used. Of course they had never dealt with a Figaro before and a lengthy saga then began of calls to a call centre. Different operators each time and different reasons for delays including one alarming statement that they may write the car off! When would we get an "OH - YES"? In the meantime Jason from Figaros4sale gave a reasonable quote. Eventually they offered a sum which almost covered this. Not sure why they suddenly decided to do this? They of course were trying to price up a new wing which is impossible. Whereas Jason has the expertise to repair it which he has now done - looks better than ever now. Hopefully there will not be a next time but we may switch to an agreed value policy and enquire what the repair procedure is.
Another Register member had her Figaro "written off" on her first journey. The insurers declared it a "write off". She got the full price back and has bought another one AND bought back the "damaged" one which she will get repaired by a Figaro Specialist at a later date.
In another case a local owner had his written off when the repair bill reached £8k but did not buy it back.
Initial research on the internet reveals there are different catergories of "write off". The catergory with the least damage allows you to get the car repaired but then is subject to an inspection and MOT. I would guess that because of the lack of new replacement parts Figaros would usually fall into this catergory.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Red Nose Day - Figaro Owners Register Stickers Sales

We sold 15 stickers during March and as promised we have donated 50p per sticker to Red Nose Day. Thanks to everybody who bought one. Got yours yet!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Michael from Dallas Texas. His Figaro Story.

Hi David & Laura, Thank you for the warm welcome. I came upon my Figaro quite by happenstance. In 1991 I had read an article on the Figaro and was simply taken by the design and execution of the little car. I clipped the article and had held on to it for these many years. I was home watching TV one lazy afternoon and happened to see a Traveler's Insurance commercial. It showed a young woman perched atop the hood of an Emerald Green Figaro. When I saw it, I immediately Googled the web looking for images of the auto. Not only did I find photos, but, lo and behold, I found a Fig for sale here in Dallas, TX! After exchanging emails with the owner, I made arrangements to see the Lapis Grey beauty. It was love at first sight--I couldn't really believe I was seeing one "in person" after admiring it in a magazine some eighteen years earlier. I was not able to drive it for another few days, but I kept driving by and looking at it every chance I got. By the time I wasable to actually drive the vehicle, I was totally hooked. We made the deal in December 2008, and I immediately put it in the garage for some extensive engine repair as I was not sure of the vehicle's service history. I took possession last month just in time for the warm days of spring! My partner, Robert, and I have had a blast running the streets of Dallas. In a city that has luxury vehicles of every description, you would not believe the attention the little Fig garners (or maybe you do)! I had envisioned using the car only on occasion, but now I find that we look for any excuse to get the Fig and take it out for a spin. I will be taking it to a local car club tomorrow evening for its debut at their monthly meeting. I have heard rumors that there may be one other Fig in the State other than the one you have listed in your Register. I know there are several in Canada and I can't help but feel some will eventually trickle down to the US. Inthe meantime, I am loving every minute spent with my lovely little Figaro!Kindest regards,Michael

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Andrew Marr Show -YouTube Link

To see Andrew Marr driving his Figaro to work click here

Monday, March 23, 2009

Figaro Owners Register - International Members

We have included some Members "Figaro Stories" from abroad in the news section. Hope you find them interesting - we did!

Reg no Name Model Colour Home Town Country
251 Adela Figaro Black Bray Ireland
321 Martin Figaro Lapis Grey Blaricum Holland
360 Kjetil Figaro Emerald Green Stavanger Norway
378 Scott Figaro Emerald Green Vancouver Canada
423 Farrukh Figaro Emerald Green Karachi Pakistan
432 Karen Figaro Lapis Grey New Westminster Canada
434 MarianneFigaro Topaz Mist Moerstraten Holland
444 Garth Figaro Emerald Green Santa Monica USA
446 Harry Figaro Lapis Grey Paris France
447 Rolf Figaro Wine Red Mica Moenchengladbach Germany
453 Neil Pao Olive Grey Pessoulens France
456 Ernst Figaro Lapis Grey Vienna Austria
458 Pauline Figaro Pale Aqua Tauranga New Zealand
462 PattinunFigaro Lapis Grey Bangkok Thailand

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thinking of owning a Figaro? Join the Register

You do not have to own a Figaro to take advantage of the Figaro Owners Register services. We can put you in touch with owners local to you AND by registering you will receive our regular updates on Figaro news and events.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Figaros in Vienna - International Figaro Owners Register!

well, my story about me and my Figaro: By Barbara & Ernst
I´m a collector of oldtimer-bikes and scooters and 3 years ago, while finishing may last project, a Heinkel Tourist 103A2 built 1963 I thought about my first oldtimer with 4 wheels, but I was a little bit afraid to restore a car, because it´s a lot more difficult to do dis than a bike.. Jürgen, a good friend of mine, joked about this and told me about the Figaro, a oldtimer-designed car, reminding of the Gutbrod Superior of the 50ies with common and modern technology of the Nissan Micra. This should be the right thing for me!
Investigations in the internet, especially pictures let me fall in love with this nice little car, and further investigations let me meet 2 owners of Figaros in Vienna/Austria (, who are also in the business of car requisites for movie-productions. I talked a while with thiese guis, they let me drive a while with the Figaro trying the inner dimensions (I´m tall) and then the decision was clear: I want a Figaro!
During the next 2 years I banged around in the internet, collected a lot of information, checked import options from japan, USA and Great Britain and found last October a fair and reliable offer on ebay in London by a private seller. in a longer e-mail-correspondence with the seller I got the trustworthiness, did my bid and won the auction, a week later I travelled with my wife from Vienna to London, saw the car, was absolutely not disappointed and finished the bargain. Then I programmed my mobile GPS with "Home" and the transfer by own wheels to Vienna began. 3 days and 1.560 km later we arrived without any incident a little bit tired, but happy in Vienna and had immediately a stop-and-search operation: the reason was not a delict, no, it was the curiousity of the policemen! They never had seen such a car.
Meanwhile I had to invest a new battery and 4 new tyres, they were used up and now (March 2009) the weather is so fair, that we are able to drive a little bit on weekends around Vienna to learn more about the Figaro and on the end of April 2009 we will enter the Seiberer Mountain Race in Austria, a constancy competition for oldtimers ( Driving the Figaro is easy, funny and we enjoy the large opened eyes and opened mouthes of the other road users, we are often asked about details of the car and we have always a printed leaflet about the Figaro (information on the german issue of wikipedia) in the glove box. With the Figaro on the road you will be ever asked about the car.
For a regular registration in Austria the car the headlight has to be converted, this is at this thime the biggest problem, because it isvery hard to find the proper headlights for our inverse driving side; maybe one of the registered owner has a clue for us?
The Figaro will be our fun-car for summer, except we drive our bikes or scooters; 1955 Puch RL 125, 1963 Heinkel Tourist, 1985 KTM Hobby, 1998 Honda Pantheon, 2000 Yamaha XJ 900 S Diversion (and maybe soon 1953 Vespa Faro Basso). By the way: my other car is a Opel Astra Caravan.
Well, I hope to gave you a little bit background about my ownership of the in Austria absolutely rare Figaro and I hope also to realise to meet the Figaro10 next year!
P.P.S.: ! enclose a few of pics transferring the Figaro from London to Vienna
Best Wishes from Vienna/Austria
Barbara & Ernst

Friday, March 13, 2009

Figaro Owners Register members by region as of March 2009.

Scotland 14. North East 10. North West 47. Yorkshire 32. East Mids 34. West Mids 68.
Wales 11. East Anglia 46. South East 86. London 44. South West 44. Northern Ireland 4. Ireland 1. Jersey 1.
France 2. Germany 1. Norway 1. USA 1. Pakistan 1. Canada 2. Hol1and 2.

In addition to this we can break it down by County.

Based on the map shown which can be viewed at:-

Monday, March 09, 2009

Nissan Figaro Owners Register March Update

Hi just sent out an email to all members covering the following subjects:

Latest Register Figures March 09
Owners Register Services
Figaro Owners Register goes International!
Roxy Lovewells February Newsletter
Figaro Owners supporting Red Nose Day
Fig09 - Somerleyton Hall 20th - 21st June

If you have not received it please let us know OR if you would like these regular updates please Register with us. We are a non- profit Daughter and Dad team who enjoy running the Register which came about after the successful Fig08 and are starting to think about Fig10!!!

Red Nose Day - Figaro Owners Group -Message from Roxy

My group, Figaro Owners , is fundraising for Red Nose Day.
Come and join in the fun! Click the link below and 'Join My Group':
You'll be able to create your own Red Nose day Giving page and add whatever you raise to the group's grand total.
If you've already been snapped up by someone else, or you just don't fancy joining us, maybe you'll click on the link above and sponsor us instead!
Roxy Lovewell

Friday, February 27, 2009

Nissan Figaro Northern Ireland Meet May09?

We are posting this news item for Alan who is organising another NI meet. He can be contacted via the link below or if you send an email to us we will forward it on.
Hi David & Laura Yes, that would be great, thankyou so much. We also find it difficult to track down owners, as they are usually driving past when we see them! What we normally do, is ask Figgy Owners for dates when it doesn't suit them, then between us we'll pick the final date and location, and let everyone know. For the mostpart Sunday seems to be the Day that suits most - so we ask ....Which Sunday in May doesn't suit? We usually meet up around 1.30pm. Basically this will our 4th Figgy Day Out 1st Run Aug 07 - Ards Penninsula / Portaferry - Sunday - No.7 2nd Run May 08 - Antrim Coastline - Sunday - No.3 3rd Run August 08 - Castle Espie, Comber - Sunday - No. 6 How many Figs have you on your site in Northern Ireland? As you can see from our attendance we could do with a few more!! For the Forth Run - I am proposing a Run to Castlewellan Forest Park....of course if any other owners have any other suggestions, we are open to other ideas. Thanks Again Regards Alan

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Figaros in Canada - International Figaro Owners Register!

We asked our new member in New Westminster Canada for her Figaro Story - here it is:-
I came across my Figaro by accident. I like to think it was meant to be. On the day I was looking for a car to buy I had posted something to that effect as my status on facebook. I then proceeded to look through the local Craigslist listings. I was pretty much looking for something cheap and reliable. I had seen a Nissan Figaro but didn't know what it was so I bypassed it. (There is an overwhelming amount of used cars for sale in Vancouver). When I went back to check my facebook my friend, Lauren, who is on an art exchange in Ireland at the moment had commented that I should by a Figaro (apparently her roommate in Ireland has one). I thought "I wonder what that is...I just saw a listing...". So I went back and clicked on the ad and it was love at first sight.
What are the chances that a Figaro would be posted on the exact same day I was looking and that my friend in Ireland (who had only been there a couple of weeks) would suggest it?! I was sellling my 2007 BMW 323i to raise some cash towards opening a yarn shop. The discovery of the Figaro made giving up the BMW so easy. Actually, I am way more excited about the Figaro than I ever was about the BMW!! All I keep saying is that it is "so darn cute"! Everyone I know says that the car is "so me" and that it is "so cute". Even my Mother who tried really hard to say it was just a car admitted it was cute. And of course, there aren't many in Vancouver so we get a lot of stares and curious questions.
I have owned the car since January 23, 2009. I bought it from a fellow who imported it from Japan. His wife is Japanese and I think he lived there for a time, too. He now has a second Emerald Green Figaro he recently imported that he plans to love. It is very apparent from talking to him that he absolutely loves Figs, too.
Happy Day,
P.S. I used to own a 1971 VW Karmann Ghia some years back. That was a cute car, too but not nearly in the great shape the Fig is in or nearly as cute!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Fig09 Newsletter February 2009

Fig09 - Somerleyton Hall 20th - 21st June 2009
Fig09 www.fig09.synthasite.comto register-

To view the newsletter go to :-

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Princess Eugenie - proud owner of a Nissan Figaro.

Spotted by Register member Angie:-
Pass for Princess Eugenie
Although Mandrake takes the view that the best drivers always require several attempts to pass their test, Princess Eugenie, the 18-year-old daughter of the Duke of York, can now throw away the L-plates attached to her Nissan Figaro after sailing through her first practical.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Figaros in Pakistan

We were intrigued by a owner joining the Register from Karachi and asked him to fill us in on the Figaro scene out there. Here is his reply:-

I consider myself lucky to own a Figaro, and since you mentioned adding it as a news feature on the site, allow me to tell you how I came across owning it. I came across the Figaro as a 'for sale' item at a used car showroom while driving back home from work. My wife and I stopped to have a look at the car, but found out that the showroom was closed for the day and could only peek! The conversation between my wife and I turned into bets about the price of the car, and we ended with a bet to buy the car if it was within a certain price limit.The next day, I left work early and went to the showroom to check out the car and found out the price to be way above the bet limit.....However, since I had already fallen in love with the car, I was able to bargain with the dealer and ultimately ended up paying the deposit amount for the purchase. The difficult part now was arranging the money, since I had not considered my bank account, but was only interested in acquiring the beauty. Thankfully, friends and family pitched in and she was home within a week of paying the deposit... (by law, it was impossible to obtain a loan for the purchase of an old, one off car)I have had the Figaro for a mere 2 years now, but have participated in classic cars shows ever since, and the car has also been featured on media...According to the last effort I made to find other Figaros in the country, there are 5 Figaros in Pakistan, 4 of which are in Karachi. I have not been able to contact the owners yet. Unfortunately however, only 2 of them are operational (including mine). The other operational Figaro was imported from Japan by an enthusiast who first offered to buy it off me and upon my refusal, he imported it (by law, any imported car beyond 2 yrs of manufacture is not allowed and a hefty penalty and special permission is required for it). I guess he was too much in love with the car to have afforded to go through the red-tape.I am a hardcore fan of classic cars and as well as the Figaro own a 1952 Morris Minor Split Screen (1 of 2 surviving in Pakistan), 1974 Toyota Trueno (considered a classic due to the scarce number surviving around the globe). I am a member of the Vintage Cars Club of Pakistan - VCCCP website - which boasts some amazing collection of classic cars. Attached are some of the pics of my Figaro from the last year's classic car show organized by our club.Looking forward to interacting with other Figaro owners. Regards,Farrukh Ahmed

Friday, January 16, 2009

Nissan Viewt joins the Register

Figaro Fan and Viewt owner David asked to join the Register and because it is a small Nissan based import we said yes. We then asked him to supply a description of the car. (Image curtesy of Google)

Hi David and Laura,
A few details about my car:
1996 Mitsuoka Viewt 1.3 auto. Built from the K11 series Nissan Micra, which basically consists of restyling the front and rear ends to resemble a Jaguar Mk.2 complete with chunky chrome bumpers. The interior on my car is more or less standard micra, but some have leather trim and/or wood effect dashboard. My car does have electric front windows and aircon though. It has currently done 85,000 km (just over 50,000 miles) and I am the second owner since it was imported into the UK. I have owned it since August 2007. I use it as my everyday car and it is always attracting attention, people either love it or hate it! There are not that many around, I have seen 3 others in the past 3 years, but there are quite often one or two advertised on autotrader and ebay. There is a company called Mitsuoka UK who specialises in importing them, but I bought mine from a Japanese car importer locally in Stockport.
David Rhodes.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Figaro Newsletter january 2009

The Figaro Newsletter is produced by Forum Member Roxy Lovewell, aka Nicola Pike. She plans to produce this monthly and we really like it. As well as the Newsletter her site is full of interesting Figaro Facts and inFormation. see

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Figaro Buyers Guide Classic Car Weekly 8th Jan

Figaro Owners Register member Amber’s Emerald Green Fig is featured in this weekly paper. The deputy editor contacted the Register requesting a Figaro to use in the article based locally in Peterborough.
Amber responded enthusiastically and was invited to a Fig Foto Shoot! Sounds like she had fun! Update 12th Jan - Just obtained my copy from WHS and it has a full page to itself! (page 41 - not 50 as per contents)
This is the website although it still shows last week edition - I have pointed this out to them.

David & Laura – Figaro Owners Register.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Figaro Christmas Cards

We have commissioned a small number for our own use and have 15 spare which are also on eBay. The picture features a caricature of Laura in her Fig with a Xmas tree sticking out. We are really pleased with them. Cost £2.50 + 50p p&p. Nissan Figaro Owners Register Christmas Card
We have chosen the eBay route because it simplifies payment and may create more interest. As always all profit will go to charity.

Register Window Stickers

Owners Register car window stickers are now available. They are the same as the picture top left on the home page. You can buy one for £2 + 50p p&p on eBay item
We have chosen this route because it simplifies payment and may create more interest. They are self-cling vinyl and can be used as tax disc holders. We are hoping people will put them on their cars to attract new members and more waves! As always all profit will go to charity.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Total Nissan Magazine - Christmas Sale -Fig08

DID YOU GET YOUR COPY FEATURING the Figaro event of the year FIG08? If not now is your chance at only £2 a copy.
Go to the link below and the one you want is Total Nissan Issue 3 Summer 2008.

Hi just looked through the 17 pics in the 5 page article and spotted the following cars :- H146LJO 122Y L208LTR G537PCE F441AAB G772SAA THE BE-1 J321LTR J285HGKJ 902CEV
Picture of the CAR PARK VIEWED FROM the back row. J436NLU The White Fig with the bonnet up. H54LJA & H732PVW

Nissan Figaro

Monday, December 08, 2008

FIG number plates for sale - Nissan Figaro

This is an email I received.

FIG number plates

Dear David,
I have attached a list of numbers we have for sale but would like to draw your attention to the following in particular, as I feel they might be of interest to you or you club members.

FIG 420 (Figaro) £1999
FIG 4120 (Figaro) £1999
FIG 222 £1299
FIG 400 £899
FIG 800 £899
FIG 9112 No price given

Please telephone 02866329911 for further details.

Kind regards
Western Registrations

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nissan Figaro Service & Repair Recommendation - Swindon Area

Taking your treasured Figaro, S-Cargo or Pao to a Nissan main dealer will probably be met with a few shrugs and sharp intakes of breath....
However, if you are in the Swindon area, there is a proper, independent automotive engineer in the form of Dave Daltrey at the Old Forge, Wanborough, 01793 790315.
Over the past 20 years, Dave has worked on many different types of car and will adapt and even make bits on his lathe (for my water pump for example) if needed. He also just loves Nissans!
So if you are stuck, give him a ring: you might even see my S-Cargo up there!
Martin Ripley Coffee S-Cargo 'B asil', Wanborough, near Swindon.

Friday, November 07, 2008

S-Cargo services contact

Geoff has just joined the Owners Register and sent in this message:-

Hi David
I run a company called Northallerton Engineering Services/2cv speed shop, / (the speed shop one is going to be re designed as we speak). We build and restore 2cvs from road to race, I am also starting to offer a service for the s cargo and citroen h van.
The Pike cars are of interest due to the links with citroen, (s-cargo with the 2cv van and figaro with the bijou) through design, as an s cargo owner I am looking at links for parts supply as the s cargo seems to be forgotten brother of the figaro.
Looking forward to meeting/talking to like minded pike fans

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nissan Figaro Numbers in the UK????

This is a popular subject and one that has never been resolved to our knowledge. A forum member contacted the SMMT who quoted a figure of 951 based on DVLA information for year end 2006. Various forum members then checked their V5 only to find they were only recorded as "Nissan". You can get this updated by sending the "changed details" to DVLA with a covering letter. So to get an accurate figure every owner would have to do this but how would you manage this!
GJNORTHALL suggested the alternative would be to ask the DVLA to search the number of cars with a VIN number beginning FK10 but no-one has attempted this yet as far as we know.
The consensus on the Forum seems to be that around 2000 are in the UK now.
We have 359 registered on the site now. The most recent registrations coming from owners finding us by chance on the internet or as a result being given a flyer - which you can download from the site.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nissan S-Cargo Speed Limits

Martin from Swindon has asked us to pass on this info:-
FYI and for the other registered/non registered S-Cargo owners, something came up on my Professional institution forum today regarding vans and speed limits.
It appears that though the s-cargo has a body type of 'Van' and is 'Private Light Goods', it counts as a goods vehicle not exceeding 7.5 tonnes for speed limits purposes.
This means that on 60 mph restricted roads, the limit would be 50 and on dual carriageways, the limit would be 60.
The only exceptions to this are where a van is built on the same chassis as a car variant and has a gross weigh less than 2 Tonnes. S-Cargos are NOT based on the chassis from a saloon equivalent and therefore are outside of this exception.



I don't know how many people know this, and it would probably only apply if one was exceeding the written limits by sufficient margin, but it might avoid some speeding fines out there!
Martin - Swindon

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fig09 - Somerleyton Hall 20th - 21st June 2009

Fig09 Latest.
website- www.fig09.synthasite.comto register- finally the flyers - Message from Paul: thanks for helping us to promote this - we're getting loads of interest and the bbc and itv local channels want to do a bit on it as well. all the best.

Lauraar and I are taking a rest after the high of Fig08 but Scooby1965 and Trev from the Forum are planning a Fig09 event in Suffolk. The other forum members who helped out so well at Fig08 have already agreed to help.
See you there!
Best Wishes
David & Laura
MrFig08 and Lauraar
Figaro Owners Register

Friday, August 01, 2008

Message from Sue - Figaro meet in Swindon

Hello, my name is Sue and I am a Lapis Grey Nissan Figaro owner in Swindon. My husband Kev and I have met some lovely people and their cars at various events since we joined the fantastic Figaro few.

We saw that you had registered on the Fig08 website and so have asked the organisers to forward this message to you on our behalf.

We would like you to join us and have some fun, so come and enjoy a ‘Fig-Nic’ at Lydiard Country Park Swindon Wiltshire on Sunday 7th September from 11:00 am. Apart from the beautiful Country Park with outstanding walks and views we will provide a Picnic at a small charge of £3 per person, a quiz and easy peasy Treasure Hunt with prizes.

There will also be a chance to win a brand new Mercedes-Benz C-Class or SLK-Class for £1 sponsored by Mercedes-Benz of Swindon in aid of the Prospect Hospice.

All you will need to bring is something to sit on; i.e. Blanket or Chairs and perhaps a Teddy for tradition and we will do the rest. Visit for details and registration.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Where to buy Total Nissan Magazine

As you will see from the news item below there is a great article on Fig08 in the current Total Nissan Magazine. We just spoke to Total Nissan and it went on sale 3 days ago in 1800 outlets across the country! WH Smith and Borders Bookshops but NOT ALL BRANCHES of either. Also quite a few Post Offices and Newsagents.
If you want a list of outlets near you then you can email

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fig08 Update and Total Nissan Magazine article!

Have you seen the fab article about Fig08 in Total Nissan Magazine? 5 Pages of photos taken at Fig08 including the car of the show and the winning photo from the Flickr Fig08 group. You can subscribe to the magazine on the website or it is available at some petrol stations:

After the success of Fig08, as the article suggests, we have turned the Fig08 website into register for Figaro owners and reached the 300 mark recently.

I've just uploaded a flyer (available via the Homepage) which we have been using to stick under Figaro windscreens, we would be really grateful if you could print some off and keep them with you for when you spot a Figaro.

We'll also make some cute window stickers available soon for registered Figaros.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fig08 - the story by Mr Fig08

Fig08 was the first national gathering for Nissan Figaro owners at the Heritage Motor Centre (HMC) museum at Gaydon, Warwickshire on Sunday May 18th 2008.

Total cars that attended: 208 plus 3 Paos, 1 S-Cargo, 1 Be-1 and 1 Rasheen.

There are over 600 pictures on Flickr now:

Total raised so far for the Wheels Project £1,100, Which was fantastic for the first event organised and promoted via the Internet. Most of the money was raised by the sale of raffle tickets – well done the Forum Team. What generous people Figaro owners and Figaro Traders are.

"Car of the Event" was won by Madeline Wilson in the lovely pink Figaro and trailer. Second, by one, vote was FIG4454,Nic & Alison with a fireglow red pearl figaro from Wimbledon.

Furthest Traveled Figaro went to Katrina & John, 328 Miles. We realised later that Amanda from Aberdeenshire was at the show, 458 miles. They both deserve a prize for this feat and both received a subscription to Total Nissan Magazine and a Fig08 certificate.

Maria & Dave McSweeney won the free roof fitting. We have had a lovely thank you email from them. They were so pleased to win it - Jason who offered the prize from worked really hard all day - a star.

Maria & Dave have made a separate donation to the Fig08 nominated charity as have Hallen Import Specialists.

Ian from Stratford won the £500 interior upgrades.
Sayuri from London , won the Clarion Service UK Stereo Upgrade. Sayuri was providing a translation service for us at the show. She is also keeping the Japanese Internet Forum, who are amazed at number of Figaros gathered in one place, updated with Fig08 details.

We sold out of Fig08 posters but we are having some more produced. If you would like one, £5 incl p&p, please email David at

Figgy Pudding has a number of Tea Towels left. To obtain one please contact Julia.

Did you know the Canadians held a Fig08 to coincide with us? They managed 7 figs! See what they got up to here:
Even Northern Ireland got in on the act and raised 3 figs on the day.

Thanks again to the traders and Forum Team. A special thanks also to our non-fig friends for helping out on the day:- Patrick & Sandra, Tom, Derek and Roz, Andrew, Debbie & Lucy (the pencil princess) Nick and Alex. Sam (Mr Figo8's son) on the car park and Eve (MrsFig08) on the register desk.

See you at Fig10! Laura and David

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A marriage of Figaros

A marriage of Figaros - was chosen at Fig08 as the collective noun for Figaros.

There is plenty of news on the homepage about Fig08 which was a great success thanks to everyone who attended and helped out. The Fig08 website will now become a register of Figaro owners - more to follow

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lots of news today! See you in 4 days, Laura and David.

Print off the programme and the car plaque

I've created a print version of the programme and the car plaque to place on your windscreen for you to print off and bring along to Fig08.

Photo Sharing Competition

We’d love you to share your photos from Fig08 with us. Flickr is a photo-sharing website and we have setup a group especially for your photos of Fig08.
For more information, (including some instructions) visit the Photos section or go straight to the Flickr group:

Total Nissan Competition

One photo will be chosen from the Flickr group and will be published in a special article by Andrew Noakes ( about Fig08 in the next issue of Total Nissan magazine. The photo will be picked by Total Nissan magazine on the 18th June and will be the one they think best captures the spirit of the event. We will announce the winner on the Fig08 website. Good luck!

Thanks to Total Nissan for this great prize:

The official Fig08 commemorative poster will be available at Fig08

Money made will cover our printing costs for the event and will go to the Fig08 charity.

Thank you to Bob Platt from Hand In Glove for designing this for us.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Another great new prize

As well as interior upgrades, parking sticks and a new roof , Clarion Service UK -are unable to attend but have very kindly donated this great prize: one full refurbishment of a Figaro Stereo to one of our models 580USB. This prize is worth £400.00! See the website for more details: See the Event page for a full list of prizes.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Share your Fig08 photos with us

We have setup a Flickr group to allow you to share your photos of Fig08, please see the new photos section for more details, currently it includes the official Fig08 poster that will be available at Fig08. Also thanks to Sarah (Soupsake) for her help with this.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fig08 fun stuff!

Julia Jepps of Figgy Pudding, purveyors of fun stuff for Figaro fans, is bringing along a specially commissioned Figaro tea towel, designed by Jam Tart of Stratford on Avon. The tea towels are 100% cotton, designed and made in the UK. Two colours will be available, blue and green, as close as possible to the Figaro original colours. Great gift items and practical too, they will be on sale to Fig08 attendees at £7.99, the special show price. The Figaro image features a Fig08 number plate, so a unique memento of what should be a special day for all Figaro fans.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We made it to 200 booked - how may turn up remains to be seen but wow. The donated prizes must be worth over £1000 with Marc Harkins giving a £200 voucher to spend with him at It has occurred to us now that the prize giving and raffle will be the top item on the day.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Posting on a Japanese Figaro Forum

Thanks to attendee Sayuri for posting on one of the Japanese Figaro fan sites: (if you can't find the posting search the page for fig08). The postings that follow are saying that the event is a testament to the Brit's love of the Figaro, that they are impressed with the event and wish us good luck!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Figaro in Total Nissan magazine

Total Nissan Magazine - have kindly donated 3 yearly subscriptions donated which will be a prize on the day (details to follow). The 2nd edition of the new magazine includes a spread on the Nissan Figaro!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fig08 T-shirts - order yours now!

Official FIG 08 T-shirts can now be ordered in advance of the event and are priced at £10.95. For each shirt sold £1.00 will be donated to the Fig08 designated charity. .Thanks to chrisfiggynut for coming up with these.

Due to the production costs and uniqueness of the Event there will not be any for sale on the day although the standard "inkstyles" Figaro T-Shirts will be available.

Both male and female styles are available in the following sizes and colours (all with the black print and wording):

Female (sizes 10 to 16)

Male (Sizes S to XXL)

Pale pink

Pale blue

Pale Green

Pale grey

Khaki sand



Additional colours may be available by special request for the same price. Please note that the t-shirt will not match exactly the figaro colours. If you wish to order, please contact stating size and colour of T-shirt and a confirmation will be sent, along with the address to post cheques or postal orders. Paypal is also an accepted method of payment. chrisfiggynut will bring the ordered (and paid for) t-shirts to the event or if anybody requires postage beforehand please state when placing order with inkstyles. P&P is extra.

Monday, March 10, 2008

150 Figaros! Help us get to 200

We have reached 150 Figaros!!!!!! To help us get up to the 200 mark please print off the flyers (available on the homepage) and flyer any Figaros that you know of in your area.

Have you seen the fantastic new prize donated by, check out 'The Event' page to find out more!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Figaro Forum Meeting Point

We now have a gang from the Figaro forum organising some fun stuff on the day - check out 'The Event' page to find out more. Also thanks so far to everyone who has got involved in the day, we really appreciate your help in making this a fantastic day!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fig08 on Facebook

Thanks to Lisanne (Forum name Barbarella) for setting up a Facebook event page, people can join here but still need to register via this site to attend on the day.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Please link to us!

Please visit the site regularly to keep up with the latest news and to download the flyers!! We are starting to get a few people who said they found out about the event from "internet search". If you can add a link to the Fig08 site from any sites you run this will move us up the list when a search "Nissan Figaro" is done (I am reliably informed). Currently we are at the bottom of page 2 on Google.

David (Mr Fig08)

100 Figaros!

Yes we have reached 100 plus the 4 Paos, 1 S-Cargo, 1 Be-1 and a Rasheen. Top colour is Lapis Grey 27, Emerald Green 24, Pale Aqua 22 and Topaz Mist 12. Top of the other colours is Pink with 5 cars.

We have included a "Forum Meeting Point" at the event. This is being enthusiastically put together by Roxy Lovewell, Barbarella and Scobby965 with assistance from Soupsake and MikeIOW. (There is a link to the Auto Supply Forum from our site on The Event page.)


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